Chester Community

Hurricane Evacuation Center
Located in the Cafeteria

Severe Weather

School Staff and Students: NOAA's Storm Prediction Center in normal circumstances issues severe weather watches. School administrators will monitor weather conditions and will make the decision when to issue a tornado warning for Chester Independent School District.

  • The tornado warning consists of the class bells ringing continuously.
  • When the warning sounds, staff and students have five minutes to get into the safe area.

Lock Down Emergency

District safety procedures specify that during the school day, outside access to any campus building should only be through the "front" door. All other doors should be locked so they cannot be opened from the outside without a key. All classroom doors should be locked in such a way that they can only be opened from the hall with a key.

There are many reasons why the campus might be locked down. No matter the cause, faculty and students are to remain in their rooms until specific instructions are given by the administration.

Faculty, staff, and students are NOT to be making phone calls during a lock-down - either on campus phones or cellular phones. Unauthorized use of telephones during a lock-down is very often counter-productive, spreading rumors and even increasing the danger to students and staff by tying up phone lines into the school.

Campus-wide safety is the responsibility of the administration. Faculty members are responsible for the safety of students under their immediate care only. Keep students in your room and away from doors and windows during the lock-down. Do not open your classroom door until the all-clear has been given, unless given specific instructions by an administrator. Information will be provided by the administration as soon as it is safe and appropriate.

Fire Emergency

No alarm will sound in buildings not threatened by fire. The safest place for students in those buildings is inside, away from emergency vehicles.

  • The building fire warning consists of class bells ringing in short bursts.
  • Every room has an evacuation route from the building and an assigned place for students to gather.
  • These evacuation maps are posted in each classroom and teachers are responsible for the students in their classroom.
  • Teachers will shut their classroom door as they leave.
  • When students are gathered in the assigned area, teachers will check their class roll to insure that all students are out of the building.
  • The building administrator will check the common rooms as the building is being evacuated.
  • Students must be kept away from the building and street that will be used by emergency vehicles.
  • NO CARS WILL BE MOVED, unless directed by an administrator.